Monday, 20 May 2019

In A Vase On Monday - Three Clematis

Evening Everyone,

Today's been lovely here - warm and sunny. Perfect for enjoying the garden and right now it's time for the clematis to shine.
There are so many in bloom at this time that I just had to pick a few to plonk in a vase today. I'm not sure that they will last well once picked but nothing ventured, nothing gained. There's the pink and purple c. Nelly Moser, white c. Montana Grandiflora and one with unusual colouring that clearly wrongly labeled, c. Sunset, when bought.
I have searched and searched and still don't know what to call her.
Also in the vase is a couple of fronds of fennel and a few heads of viburnum - a shrub we inherited with the garden. I think it's reaching for the sky - it's approximately fifteen feet high so far. I'd prune it but the birds love it.

Here's a shot of the unknown clematis growing on the trellis that marks the entrance to the wooded area where the viburnum grows.
As you can see the colour changes as the flowers age.

That's my vase for today but to see more, better, arrangements, do pop over to Cathy's blog, Rambling in the Garden.


Sharon Madson said...

Hello, Elizabeth. I had to stop by, as you just visited me. Not sure how you got there, but thank you for the visit and comments. I am glad I came, as your arrangements are so pretty and your clematis are beautiful. I am sorry, I do not know the name of the u k own one, but it is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

Sandra H said...

So beautiful and gorgeous colours of floral arrangements x