Friday, 3 May 2019

Friday Smiles

Hello Everyone

It's been a few Fridays since I joined in with Annie's Friday Smiles posts. That's not because there's not been much to smile about here, of course there has, but there's not been a lot of photos to share with you - I so often forget to get my camera out.  However, today I have a few lovely family shots and some from the spring garden which always makes me smile.
Love this shot of my great-grandson, Callum, laughing with his other great-grandmother on her birthday. They look so happy together.

Here he is again. These three photos show him at the same tree taken over the last three years.


They show just how much he has grown and changed - and he obviously loves tree-climbing too.

The next photo is of little Lacie, my youngest great-granddaughter.

She's very proudly showing us the secret stone she found in one of the big parks in Kilmarnock. After the photo was taken she hid it again for some other lucky little one to find.

And here's my youngest granddaughter, Shari-Ann - take one (nervously giggling) and take two (more composed) - she's such a lovely girl.
And she looks so grown up too. I can't believe she will soon be leaving school to begin studying art at college in the autumn. Her childhood years seem to have just flown by.

Finally, some shots taken in the garden this morning.
English Bluebells
Clematis montana rubra
Clematis 'Broughton Bride'
Allium 'Purple Sensation'

That last is a shot taken looking down the garden to the massive old cotoneaster and the rose trellis that marks the entrance to what we refer to as 'the woodland' where the bluebells grow.

Well, that's a lot to smile about and I've really enjoyed joining in with Annie again. Hopefully I'll remember to take photos and be back next week.

In the meantime I wish you all a very happy week ahead and a wonderful bank holiday too.


crafty cat corner said...

that first photo is a prize winner, the look on that little boy's face just says love.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wonderful photos, Elizabeth. My friends tell me my camera is an extension of my body, since it goes everywhere I go. I'm glad you took these, because they put a smile on my face.

Personally, I want your back yard. What a beauty and what a great way to keep from mowing, too. I love everything about that photo and envy you that gorgeous view.

have a great Friday and wonderful weekend, too.

mamapez5 said...

Beautiful family photos. It is great to see them growing up, but how the time flies. The little lad with the biggest smile really made me smile too. It is good to see the generations so happy together.
The flowers are lovely. I have a soft spot for bluebells. They remind me of when I was a bit hurt as a little girl in infants school. My big sister had taken me for a walk in the woods and I had picked a bunch of bluebells for mum and one for my teacher, but she put them high up on a window ledge. It was a long time later that mum told me she was allergic to them but didn't want to hurt my feelings by refusing them! Have a happy week if smiles. Kate x