Friday, 17 May 2019

Friday Smiles

Hello Everyone

Friday again. Time to join in with Annie, A Stitch in Time, and celebrate a few of the things that had us smiling this week. It has been a lovely week - the weather has been beautiful these last few days, very hot and sunny. Which means we did get out and about again.

Saturday we had a trip to Loch Doon to check out the ospreys.

This is Angel. She's sitting on four eggs this year and together with her partner Frankie they are being well looked after.

This is the new viewing station with the scope, aimed of course directly at the nest. Needless to say we didn't see Frankie - he was probably fishing on the other side of the loch.

And how about this - give them a cosy viewing station and they will come ...
... but they still prefer the great outdoors!

Monday we visited our daughter who was childminding our Callum.

Like all the boys in the family, he has quite a collection of toy vehicles and he was happy to tell me what make and model they were too.

Even his slippers were cars from his favourite cartoon.

Last week the other Elizabeth, with Bleubeard of course, gave us a tour of her herb patch and I said that I would try to remember to share mine this week so here's a few photos.

This is the view of the herb patch from the kitchen door showing our clump of chives, sweet Cicely and the bay tree.

The view from the opposite direction showing the lemon balm, thyme and rosemary.

There are several varieties of mint, most growing in pots except for this common mint which we inherited when we moved in.

Apple mint.

Chocolate mint

Corsican mint. That's celery leaf in the two pots in front.

Other herbs growing elsewhere in the garden.

Two different fennels - bronze on the left ... not grown for their culinary attributes - I don't like the flavour ... but it looks very nice used in flower arranging.

Blue hyssop, not in flower yet, with ajuga which is in flower.

And not a herb at all but one of our beautiful clematis just about to burst into full bloom.

This is my view from the kitchen window at the moment, making washing the dishes a real pleasure!

And finally from the garden ...

... tools of the trade! I treated myself to new gloves recently - the old ones had served me well but were on their last legs, should that be fingers, and these new ones are fabulous, and purple - what more can a gardener ask for!!!. And the secateurs are wonderful - they were a birthday gift from our my very dear friend, Annie! They are perfect for my old arthritic hands.

And now, the funny ...

That's me done for today ... lots of photos making a long post but it makes a change from having very little to share. Thank goodness summer seems to be on it's way at last and we can get out, into the garden once more, and about on our trips both locally and further afield, with the promise of so much more to smile about.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Elizabeth, great photos today. That's a brilliant idea to watch the birds, hope we get to see the babies too. I love those slippers, they are perfect. Great to look round your garden too, it looks lovely and thanks for the funny, how sweet. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I would have been by sooner, but I have been busy working on my lawn mower, at least until it got dark. Then I ate a bite and promptly fell asleep. The joys of home ownership and lack of sleep. I'm not sure the mower is fixed, either. I want your back yard with the rocks. No mowing there (grin)!

Those osprey are beautiful and I enjoyed the photos of the birds and their gawkers.

Callum is such a cute child. Is he as innocent as he looks? I want his slippers! Too cute.

OMGosh. I am overwhelmed by your herb garden. That is such a beautiful place and you have SO many herbs I don't and can't seem to grow, either. I love that you also have statuary in your garden and of course, the gravel that doesn't require mowing and keeps weeds at bay, too. I'm SO glad you shared these. They put mine to shame!

Have a lovely remainder of the weekend, dear Elizabeth.

mamapez5 said...

Hi Elizabeth. I am so sorry I didn't get back to visit anyone last week, only managing the two hostesses of the blogs I link to.
Your visit to the loch sounds lovely. I do hope Angela and Frankie manage to raise their little ones.
Love the slippers, and of course, with five sons I know all about vehicle collections! Hours of fun for little ones.
Your herbs are doing very well. I only have common mint and lavender here, but I used to have lots in UK. Some of them are really pretty as well as smelling, and tasting, good.
I'll try to be more prompt this week. Kate x