Friday, 16 September 2016

Friday Smiles - Week 187

Morning Everyone,

It's my beloved husband's birthday today and that is plenty of reason for me to smile. We are off on an overnight stay to Falkirk to visit the Kelpies. The photo above is of himself and the prototype Kelpies that were on display in Kirkcudbright recently. The real Kelpies are very much bigger and I believe, but will discover for real very soon, you can go inside one, if not both, of them.

They are fabulous!

It's, of necessity, a very brief post for Annie's Friday Smile this week but I hope you all have a lot to smile about and have a wonderful weekend. We sure plan to enjoy ourselves.

Happy Friday,


  1. Many happy returns to the love of your life Ellie. Have a wonderful time away together.
    Annie x

  2. They are gorgeous Elizabeth. Thanks for sharing these with us, Angela x

  3. Happy birthday to your husband today. Looks like you are off on a new and wonderful adventure. I see you have seen one of the maquettes and would love to see your take on the big sculptures. have a fun and safe birthday trip and of course, a great Friday and weekend, too.

  4. Hope you both have a lovely time and birthday wishes to your husband xx

  5. Happy Friday Elizabeth and hope you've enjoyed your little trip. When I read Kelpies and looked at the pic, I was a bit miffed...because Kelpies is a breed of dog in Australia. Anyway have a wonderful weekend Cheers Robyn

  6. What beautiful statues! If the real things are larger I cannot imagine that. Please send us photos. I am intrigued. Will have to Google 'Kelpies'....
    Happy birthday hubby!
    Have a good week,
    PS I didn't post anything today. Next week is another week.

  7. Happy Birthday to your hubby Elizabeth and I'm sure you'll both enjoy your trip. Barbxx

  8. Lucky you. I would love to see the Kelpies too. Happy Birthday to your hubby. Have a wonderful weekend together. Kate xx


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