Sunday, 1 July 2012

My Sunday Roast ...

Hi Everyone,

Sunday is quite a restful day for me. It's the day I treat myself to a leisurely trawl through your posts, and there's several regular posts I particularly look forward. For example, every Sunday Sandra, over on Stamping For Pleasure, posts photos of her hens entitled Sunday Roast. I really have a soft spot for hens :)

So here, for one Sunday only, is my Sunday Roast.

We stayed in a cottage on a farm for the last week of our recent holiday and these hens were just outside. Unfortunately, they are confined to quarters for now, for their own safety as there is a fox in the area - it was seen making away with a lamb just a few weeks ago.

Long ago, in what seems another life, I lived way up in the north of Scotland, in an old farmhouse at the top of a hill. My children were still young then so we had lots of animals, two lovely dogs, 4 sweet cats (one white and deaf), six cute black Cayuga ducks, a couple of geese - the older one being the most vicious beast I have ever encountered! - and six gorgeous brown and fluffy hens, just like the two you can see in the photograph above.

Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the hens but I do have this rather grainy photo of the vicious goose and three of the ducks.

This photo does not do the ducks justice as they have the most glossy feathers that glisten with gorgeous  greens, blues, turquoises  - think of the effect of oil on water.

That goose hated me - it rushed me one day, knocked me down and bit my leg ... I was black and blue for weeks afterwards. Made a great guard 'dog' though!

I've no project done today, so far, but I have good intentions :)  I'm off to watch Barbara Gray for an hour and then I plan to get a bit of crafting done.

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend whatever you are doing.

Crafty hugs,


  1. I remember Mum and day having chickens when I was little and I had decided to pet one and name her banty [wrong thing to do!]. Of course back then the reason for keeping them was for their eggs and for dinner and I can still remember now coming home from school and finding 'my banty' had been cooked for dinner!
    A x

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    Oh, I do love chickens! A friend of mine in Phoenix has a bunch and they are so much fun! Geese can be very mean - we have some at the local pond and sometimes they just don't want you to walk near them!

    It sounds as if you were surrounded by a lot of cool animals - how lucky for your children to have enjoyed that.

    I've been making a mess in my house - but no card making yet. I'm hoping to have something to show on Wednesday!

    PS Is that a new profile picture or am I crazy? I like it!!


  3. Hi Elizabeth . . . LOVING your Sunday Roast pictures. The "Girls" send happy Bwwarrrrks your way to say "Hi".

    Thanks for sharing your hens.

    Have a lovely evening.

    Sarn xxx

  4. Lovely post today. I want ducks next but it took me 21 years of marriage to get my chooks so maybe it will be a while. We also have a fox issue with us and has had two of ours and all 5 of my neighbours. But that is nature I suppose!

  5. Cool photo's, thank you for sharing them. I have Barbara recorded - will be watching the shows later xx


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