Monday, 21 February 2011

Columbine - Clean and Simple Cards + Snowdrop Disaster

Afternoon to everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend with plenty of crafting time. Unfortunately, my weekend was a bit of a non-starter as I had a lot of leg pain which prevented me sleeping and left me pretty wrung out by Sunday. However, all crafting was not lost because on Friday I had printed out a couple of digital stamps and stamped a couple of others on to watercolour paper all ready to be coloured so I was able to spend yesterday just quietly sitting colouring in with my Aquamarkers.


The theme for the Less is More challenge this week is Spring and for me it is the Aquilegia or, as it is more commonly known, the Columbine that epitomises Spring. I have several varieties in my garden. There are two favourites, one a red and yellow beauty that grows in my wildflower border and the other an alpine plant with a striking blue and white flower that grows in a trough just by the garden gate.   

The stamp I used is Columbine from A Passion for Stamps - thanks to Kerry of a Load of Old Pickle ,whose Honeysuckle card I so admired -for leading me to this lovely site.The stamp is a digital stamp so I decided to use my graphic programme and put it together with some lines from Shelley that I thought was particularly appropriate to the Spring theme.

And Spring arose in the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
The font used is Ancestory SF size 16. Once happy with the positioning of both the flower and the lines, they were printed out on Reeves watercolour paper (12" x 9" pad). I discovered that at 190gsm this paper is ideal for putting through my printer but unfortunately Daler & Rowney at 300gsm  is far too thick.  Once I'd coloured in the columbines I punched the edge with my only Martha Stewart punch as the finishing touch.

I couldn't decide which was my favourite flower colour so did both.

AquaMarkers used: Flame Red, Straw Yellow, Celery, Bamboo, Sepia, Aquamarine, Twilight Blue

Now for the disaster!
My first thought for the theme was kind of predictable - snowdrops - easy, especially as I already had the the lovely Sheena Douglass Spring stamp set. I stamped the snowdrops stamp and my favourite sentiment about Spring on to a pre-made base card. I then coloured the snowdrops using ProMarkers and this was the result:

The card was the wrong type for using ProMarkers on, it just soaked up the colour and became really smudgy looking. Lesson learned - the right card is needed for the job, especially if making a one layer card.

An Old Tip but A Good One
I'm sure many of you know this one but for those new to watercolouring - and it isn't so long ago that I was a total beginner, and I'm still no expert - this may be worth knowing and  it is that a white tile makes an ideal palette when working with AquaMarkers. Here's a photo of mine after my watercolour session. I've not washed the paint daubs off because a wet paintbrush makes the paint usable again - no waste!

Hope this helps some of you,


  1. You have submitted 2 beautiful cards, Elizabeth
    Thank you!
    Isn't it amazing what a difference the correct card/paper makes! It;s a shame a the snowdrop 'disaster is also a lovely card

    Thanks for sharing your tip, very helpful
    "Less is More"

  2. Beautiful cards Elizabeth am off for a look round the site they came from xx

  3. These are so pretty Elizabeth and definitely "spring like"
    Margaret x

  4. Beautiful cards! I need to go scouting for some cool digi stamps!

  5. I have a whole heap of card which I bought at the Paper Mill Shop which is useless for Copics or Promarkers. As you say it soaks in and can't be blended properly. However I have used Distress Inks and Watercolours very satisfactorily with this card. I use my glass mat as a palette, I just dab the distress ink pad onto the mat and pick up the colour with a waterbrush. Works like a dream and a quick swipe with a baby wipe and it's clean.
    I wasn't quite sure if you thought that this or another was a digital site... but just for the record... we are not!
    All lovely cards Elizabeth!
    "Less is More"

  6. I really like these two cards. very pretty

  7. Beautiful cards,Elizabeth,I'm so looking forward to spring,the snowflakes are just beautiful in the garden at the moment such a shame with your card,but I think we have all been there...Hope your leg is better now...
    Mandy x

  8. Really pretty cards Elizabeth, I love aquilegia's.

  9. Sorry to hear you're suffering Elizabeth. I hope you're feeling better now.
    Your cards are beautiful. The Aquilegia is one of my favourite Spring flowers too. I have lots of them in my garden and always grow some new seeds each year. Their pretty faces are so cheerful.
    You're so right about getting the right paper, it makes a huge difference.
    Hugs Lisax

  10. Beautiful spring like cards. What a shame about your snowdrop card. It`s a lovely stamp.
    Lynne xxx

  11. Hope your legis better Elizabeth; there is nothing so wearing as trying to find a spot where the pain ceases for a bit while you try to sleep. Your cards are lovely and thanks for the tips about water-colouring - I want to give it a go. Take care, Hazel x

  12. Love the Aquilegia cards, so pretty!!

  13. I hadn't thought of Aquilegia's for a spring card ..not an obvious choice but they look stunning!! Really fab cards, and interesting to see the "reject" surprising how the cardstock can affect the colours, thanks for the tip.

  14. Hope your leg is better and thanks for the tips on your post. Haven't tried water colouring yet on a card but it looks fun. x

  15. Lovely cards, and I'm no stranger to the odd disaster!

  16. I hope you are feeling better soon. Thank you for the award I have posted today and linked back to you x x

  17. Lovely cards, shame about the snowdrop colouring problem, it was a great card otherwise.I have that aquiligia stamp and love it too.Hope your leg is better soon,I am suffering with aches and pains too this month.Viv xx

  18. I love aquilegias too. And these cards are so pretty. xx

  19. I love all three cards, but the exquisite Columbine ones with their beautiful soft colours, are both so beautiful :o)
    Jackie xx

  20. Such beautiful cards, tried watercolouring and it looks like a child of about 3 has done it :)

    I love aquiligias too and have loads of them in the garden and coming up quite strongly thank goodness after the cold cold winter

  21. Hi Elizabeth. I love the cards!! You have really done my images justice with you super colouring. I do hope your leg is better,
    Ruth x

  22. Elizabeth the cards are beautiful as always . I love the simplicity of them but they are very strong also. Hope you are feeling better now and that your leg is not troubling you too much, Marie

  23. The aquilegia makes a beautiful spring card. Lovely.
    Gina x

  24. Really pretty cards, I love the image. Sue.x

  25. Quite lovely Elizabeth and beautifully watercoloured. I can identify with your ProMarkers problem, I purchased some card which was sold to me as "perfect for using with Copics and PMs".... I've used it once as it just did not work ! The colours don't blend and just sit on top of the paper. Lesson learned !

  26. Fab cards Elizabeth. Yes this happened to me too. I too use a tile and yes just add water to revive. I use my inkadinks this way too and my H2Os.

    Fabby creations!

    Ali x

  27. What a lovely collection of cards Very Spring like xxx

  28. Lovely cards so delicate looking..

    Babs x

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