Wednesday, 24 November 2010

WOYWW - Week 77

A bit of a mess this morning - in fact, it's just as I abandoned it last night. There's the latest card in the Alphabet series in process so bits of ribbon, fabric, scissors, glue, card, etc., There's my box of adhesives - I started with some Pritt stick and look what I have now. Everything from sprays, tapes, dots, dimension foam tape, Velcro - the lot. You can also see the ribbon storage my husband knocked up for me after I pointed out what somebody else's husband had made for her - can't remember who but many thanks for the inspiration!
Last but not least there's my wee sewing machine. DH bought this for me a good few years ago now and this is the first airing it has ever had!!! It is cute but it only sews straight lines so which is limiting - I did want to use a zigzag stitch on this card. Next time I'll get the bigger machine out - another present from DH which has never been used - you've got to give him ten out of ten for trying to get me sewing again:)

That's all for this morning because Bonnie, our cat, is having to go for surgery this morning and admission is very early. She has a cyst in each ear and one on the top of her head hence the surgery. She is an elderly cat so worrying but hopefully she will be okay.

For those still wondering what WOYWW is all about please pop over to Julia's blog, Stamping Ground, and discover the crafting snoopers paradise that is What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Edited later with: Bonnie is now home after the surgery. She is fine, or she will be when she gets accustomed to the collar she will be wearing for the next week - right now, she is confused and really unhappy. Because she is an elderly cat we are just relieved to have her home again. Thank you to everyone who wished her well.

Bye for now


sandra de said...

Lovely card in the making. Best wishes for your cat.
Sandra #58

Hazeyj said...

I love looking at your work-space but then I am a dreadful neb. My hubby calls me the Nebbulator!Glad that its not only me that has things for ages before using them. Have a lovely day! Hazel x

Hayley @ said...

Hello Elizabeth, I love looking at other's work desks! Mine (the dining room table!) is always covered with so much clutter!!! The card you're making looks lovely and that ribbon storage is fantastic, I'm rather obsessed with ribbon!!
Love your card underneath too!

Susan said...

How funny Elizabeth...I too have a little wee sewing machine just like yours that my hubby got for me and I have never used it. Need to vacuum the dust off it first!
Susan xxox #12

Sue said...

Hi ya
oh thats not messy, gorgeous card,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(16)

Joanne said...

First of all, I wish Bonnie all the best. I have one of those tiny sewing machines. Thought it would save me lumping my big machine out, but it goes like a bat out of hell so haven't used it. (13)

Joey said...

Hiya Elizabeth

this is lovely, and tidy by my standards lol, have a good week

Joey 17 xx

donnalouiserodgers said...

Aw I am really an envious of your hen cupboard - how have I missed that in previous woyww posts?


Claire said...

lovely workspace there, especially the dinky little sewing machine
C (74)

G Peplow said...

Hi there, love your desk, and the card on it looks gorgeous colours. Hope your cat makes a good recovery after her treatment, :0) xx #63

Sherry said...

What a lovely husband you have! Hope Bonnie's op went well and that she'll soon be back home with you xx

Sherry (105)

Helen said...

Gorgeous card in the works! Hope your cat is ok.

Kirsty.A said...

Wow - lots going on there. Enjoy yourself

Julia Dunnit said...

Nice card you've been working on Elizabeth and very interesting to see that you have an adhesive collection to rival any! As it's late evening now, I hope Bonnie has fared well through the day.

Shirley Pumpkin said...

Great space.. Love the snowman card. I hope everything goes good with your cat.. I had a cat have the same thing done and it went really well.

Shirley Pumpkin #47

oneoff said...

That's a really good idea to have a box of sticky stuff - I must try that. The ribbon storage is brilliant too, although there is absolutely no chance of my husband making anything like that for me; lovely he is, handy, he ain't. Hope all goes well with your cat. Bernie #11

Mrs A. said...

Do hope everything is ok with your cat. They are such a worry. Can I borrow your husband!!! Mine spends all the time trying to get me out of the craft room.!!!! #122

kelly said...

I love how your desk looks really homely, Elizabeth. Glad to read you cat is ok.

Have a good week Elizabeth,


lisa said...

Hi Elizabeth
First things first, I'm glad your puss is home safe and sound. t's always so worrying when they are poorly isn't it? I hope she makes a full recovery.
You've made me smile today, I think it was the ribbon holder my hubby made that inspired you. He'll be really chuffed when I tell him.
Love the card in your last post, what a cute couple they make.
Hugs Lisax

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Here is a lovely neat and tidy desk. Lots of nice things on here to have a play with. Glad to hear about Bonnie's surgery going well. Good luck to her wearing her wonderful fashion accessory as I hear animals don't like them!! Thanks for sharing your workspace with us. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 42)

Carrie said...

Happy WOYWW.....your desk looks very tidy to me, thanks for sharing it with us all xxx (Linky #31)

Nicky said...

Love you desk and your card - glad you cat is on the mend - I had one of those little machines but sold it to buy different stash lol ~127

akilli melek said...

elizabeth glad to hear your cat is doing well. Gotta love ribbon (and storage).

have a lovely weekend
caroline #2

Ali said...

That desk is positively tidy by my standards! :lol:

Glad to hear that's Bonnie's surgery went well and she's home already. :)

Ali #87

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Fab desk and lovely sewing machine! The ribbon storage looks great, just what I need, I'll try to make one too.

Maarit #96