Wednesday, 19 December 2018

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Week 498

It's the last WOYWW before Christmas so greetings of the season to our 
Head Desker, Julia, and all you wonderful Deskers. 
I hope you have a very 
Merry Christmastime!!

Apologies for being sooooo late! It's been quite a week since my last post, too many interruptions, not least by my husband taking ill and having to be rushed into hospital at the weekend. Happily, he's home again and doing well. He's scheduled to have an operation in the new year so we are keeping our fingers crossed that he will remain well until then - we want to enjoy the holidays at home. 

Of course, you're here to see what's on my desk so here it is.

Christmas cards are all done and written up - most in the post too - so there's not much out on the desk. Apart from the box of Christmas stash, there's a stamp set and some supplies to make a winter birthday card - a belated one at that! And there's a digikit disk and a piece of stamped card that was the inspiration for my festive blog header. And that's it - I can feel myself winding down now. If I craft at all in the next week, it will be to make scrap layouts using some of that lovely stash in the box.

Finally, the book bit. A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was stocking up on Christmas themed books to get me in the festive spirit. Here they are - so far I've only listened to the first one.

The Christmas Secret by Karen Swan. This is the one I've literally just finished listening too and thoroughly enjoyed it too. There's nothing quite like a good romance set on a beautiful Scottish island, with an intriguing secret thrown in for good measure too.

And in my library:

An Island Christmas by Jenny Colgan. Another book set on a Scottish island - I need to go island hopping in the summer! Flora is pregnant by her ex-boss and doesn't know how to tell him.

One Day in December
by Josie Silver. There's no such things as love at first sight, life isn't like the movies, so thinks Laurie. But then one day, from a bus, she sees a man and she's instantly smitten ... but then the bus moves away. It's a year before she finally meets him but by then he's her best friend's boyfriend! 

And, for a bit of change from all things Christmas:

The Salt Path by Raynor Winn. After reading a review of this I promised myself this book for Christmas. It's the story of a remarkable journey taken by the author and her husband of 32 years, Moth. Just days after they learn that Moth is terminally ill they lose both their home and their livelihood. 'With nothing left and little time, they make the brave and impulsive decision to walk the 630 miles of the sea-swept South West Coast Path, from Somerset to Dorset, via Devon and Cornwall.' Possibly not the cheeriest of reads but the twin themes of enjoying nature and overcoming adversity promise to make it a memorable one. 

I'll finish the way I began and wish you all a wonderful festive season. 


Julia Dunnit said...

Argh Elizabeth, I sincerely hope that your lovely man is comfortable and youre both relaxed at home. Take it easy both, huh. I like the stage you’re at, your sk can be used for gentle and pleasure filled time again, instead of distinct deadline stuff! A very Happy Christmas xxx

Helen said...

sorry to hear about your husband, I hope he is ok and you both enjoy Christmas... I've read a few of Jenny Colgan's, but not seen that one. Happy reading! Helen #2

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh no, I hadn't realised about EM being taken so poorly - poor him (and you!). Let's hope the op in the New Year gets him sorted properly. Sending you both big hugs xxxxxxxxx
I might have a read of the Jenny Colgan books, I've found some interesting ones from your recommendations. I don't know if I could read The Salt Path but I absolutely adore the cover illustration!
Have a wonderful Christmas with the family Elizabeth and thanks you for the continued support and friendship through the year xx
Hugs LLJ 11 xx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

It seems to have been a year for people being ill or having accidents so personally I'll be glad to see the back of 2018 with the hope that things will improve next year. The books look good. I'm reading one of the Alfie books at the moment. Though I'm not really a cat lover I do enjoy the books. Anyway...Just want to wish you the best for Christmas and hope it's full of fun too. Thank you for all the great comments and wishing you a lovely woyww, Angela x17x

Lynn Holland said...

It’s horrible when our other half is poorly as I well know. Philip had sepsis and pneumonia in September so my thoughts are with you. In the meantime I hope you enjoy Christmas and all the best for 2019.
I’ve read the Jenny Colgan book and another friend said she enjoyed One Day In December, so I think I’ll give that one a whirl
Lynn xx #8

Sarah Brennan said...

So sorry to hear that your husband was taken so ill. Glad he's back home and hope all remains well and the op sorts things in the new year. Merry Christmas and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Elizabeth I am so sorry to hear about your Hubby, I know exactly how you must be feeling and with Christmas upon us it adds unnecessary stress. Just put your feet up alongside Hubby, life is much more important.
Take good care of each other and have a cosy Christmas.
Tracey #6

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

So sorry that DH has been so unwell Elizabeth and I pray he keeps well until it’s tiem for his surgery and it goes just swimmingly too with no issues at all.
The reads sound lovley eso the Scottish aspect. And hope you have a lovely Hogmanay when it comes up too, always think of you then. Keep well, both of you.
Happy belated WOYWW and happy Christmas as we remember the birth of our Lord Jesus.
Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Elizabeth, that must have been such a worry! Hope Hubby feels a bit better now, and all goes to plan. Lots of goodies on your desk, great header! Have a lovely Christmas, much love from us both, Shaz #5 Xx

glitterandglue said...

Hi Elizabeth. Ah-ha at last I can comment... those books look great - hope you enjoy them - and, indeed, have time to hear them. Trusting your hubby continues to recover so you can have a really special Christmas together.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #10

Twiglet said...

Sending hugs to you both and hoping you keep well over Christmas. Have a wonderful time. Merry Christmas! x Jo

Shoshi said...

So sorry to hear of your hubby’s illness, Elizabeth, but very glad to hear he was soon home. I hope the operation goes all right and sorts the problem. What a worry for you both. Nice to have some book reviews to read!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #13