Wednesday, 30 December 2015

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Week 343

Hello Everyone,

It's the last Wednesday of the year and so the last opportunity to join in with Julia and friends for WOYWW 2015.
And, unlike last week, I can show my desk today because it isn't half the mess it was last week! Though I have to admit that all I've done in the last seven days is clear the stuff that was there and set out the materials for my 2015 Christmas Journal ... a pile of photos from previous Christmases - some of which will be included in the album - a tray of embellishments, bowls holding inks and punches and various other bits and bobs that may or may not come in useful. As you can see, I've made a start but time is running out and I'd like to complete it before we are too far into the new year. I'd better get a wriggle on then! I have the prompts, the notes, the photographs - I just need the time!!!

However, there is just one problem ...
... a new toy that is proving to be quite a distraction!

Before I go I'd just like to thank you for the fun and friendship experienced each Wednesday throughout 2015 and wish you a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year. I hope that 2016 brings you all you wish for yourself and yours.


  1. What a fab distraction Ellie....Just my sort of new toy. Here's to you enjoying your new year celebrations and lots of fun and crafty times in 2016.....alas I had the night from hell last night, ending up sat up on the settee at 4 this morning to ease the coughing so I'm not feeling like celebrations or crafting at the mo.
    Lets hope the New Year comes with better health for everyone and lots of shared crafty times.
    Annie x # 25

  2. Hello Elizabeth your desk looks so organised and ready for action. Love the new toy. Have fun. Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year. Anne x #17

  3. oh, your new machine looks great! Hope you get to do your Christmas journal soon. Happy New Year. Helen 5

  4. Goodness - how organized you are! The distraction is understandable though, have fun!

  5. Have fun playing with your new machine! Your desk looks well organised.

    Happy New Year
    Sharon K #35

  6. Wow, that's a huge selection of stitches!! You'll have fun with that little lot :-)
    Thanks for being such a great supporter of my blog this year, it means a lot! Wishing you and the family a happy and healthy 2016,
    Hugs, LLJ 8 xxx

  7. wonderful new toy! I keep saying I can't get a new machine till my old one dies, and I don't think that will ever happen. trusty old singer 500 slant!

  8. That is quite a distraction. Have a happy healthy new year. Peg38

  9. Very tidy and organized space and I so get your new toy it can be quite a distraction for you it looks like a lot of fun with all those stitches hugs Nikki 1

  10. You go girl and get that album done. And take breaks to play with your new toy - often. ;-)
    April #44

  11. Ooo I think we will be queueing up to play with your new toy! fab. I hope the floods aren't affecting you too much. Have a Happy and Healthy new Year. x Jo

  12. That's a fabulous distraction! But you know, the longer you wait to finish your album the less likely it'll get done! LOL! Have fun with the machine! And Happy New Year!
    Carol N #34

  13. Oh now there's a toy! Well, look at it this way....every moment spent playing with the new toy is an investment really, it'll save you time at the point of project starting.....very admiring of the way you've set up and readied for the Christmas, just to get to it.....!
    A happy and healthy new year to you both, it's been so much fun!

  14. Oooh a nice new distraction. Looking forward to seeing what you make with your new machine.
    Thanks for visiting my desk already

  15. Oh I know you'll have fun with your new machine! Desk looks as fab as ever!! Happy New Year to you and yours. Take care Zo xx 30

  16. Well your desk looks rather inviting but then I spy the distraction on the photo below. Time to ponder! Wonder which will win.
    Have fun anyway and enjoy 2016.
    Hugs, Neet xx


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