Monday, 7 September 2015

In A Vase On Monday - Times Three

Afternoon Everyone,

I haven't been able to join in with Cathy's In A Vase On Monday for a week or two but was determined to do my best today. It's an absolutely gorgeous autumnal day here, sunny with just a nip in the air to let me know that soon winter will be here and the summer flowers will have gone. Indeed, I've started cutting down some now as they are going over and looking less than their best. At the same time I'm saving seeds as they are ripening in readiness for next year.
And it is this knowing that very soon the flowers will wither and die that prompted me to pick more than enough for one vase, in fact, enough for the three you see here.

First choice was the white lilies - variety unknown because they were already established in the garden before we moved in. The lily blooms are teamed with a perennial dahlia Happy Days, cottage pinks Valda Wyatt, lathyrus White Pearl, the everlasting sweet pea, and a deep red antirrhinum, a tall variety I grew from seed this year.

The lily heads are enormous when fully open.

A few readers have asked whether the everlasting sweet pea is perfumed. Sadly, no. However the flowers are so beautiful I wouldn't be without them now.

More snapdragons. Here they are teamed up with Lythrum Robin and some trimmings from the escallonia which is threatening to take over one corner, and divided into the four bottles.

And finally, I raided the annual patch which has been a huge success. So much so, my husband rates it the best part of the garden and so does an amazing variety of bees and insects.

Cornflowers, corn marigolds, poppies, poppy seed heads, oxeye daisies, known as gowans in the part of the world I come from, and zinnias.

Oh, and this mystery white flower which I'm fairly sure is hesperis matronalis, or Dame's Violet. I did sow some seeds last year but nothing seemed to come of them, not even any green shoots to suggest that they had germinated. This plant is growing in the spot where a few seed trays were tipped out after they were done with ... a very unexpected bonus.  

Our home is now full of flowers, and their perfume, and showing no signs that it's autumn outside. And it would seem I'm not the only one enjoying a late show of blooms. Cathy, our host for In A Vase On Monday, is feeling flush this week. Do visit her to find out why.

Till next week, happy gardening,


Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, you certainly have a lot of beautiful flowers and vases this week. I love that huge while lily.

Anca Tîrcă said...

Beautiful vases, Elizabeth, all three!So fresh and (still!)summery!

Donna said...

Elizabeth these are such beautiful vases...chock full of summer cheer to bid the season farewell...temps are very hot here so I await autumn.

Kris Peterson said...

I envy you your wide choice of flowers, Elizabeth! All 3 vases are beautiful but that first one captures my heart.

Hannah said...

All your flowers are so lovely but my favorite is the short white, pink, and red vase, the lilies are so lovely. But who could resist those wonderul blue cornflowers, they are gorgeous, and make that vase shine too.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Beautiful Elizabeth. Very colorful flowers you have in your garden. Enjoy the Autumn season and hope your garden will be just as colorful.
Bobbie Lynn

Anonymous said...

Always good to hear from you when you are able to post a vase - there's no rule which says it has to be every week! Isn't it good to be finding these late blooms amidst the others that are just about over? It's a fine balance between enjoying the last of them and pulling them out as they are getting untidy, isn't it? Thanks for sharing their simple joys with us today.

Bonnie said...

What beautiful flower arrangements, Elizabeth! Looks like your garden is still blooming beautifully!

Mrs.B said...

Beautiful flowers Elizabeth, I can smell them from here.
Just had a little catch up and hope the decorating is going well.
Thanks for your visit and lovely comments on my blog.
Hugs, Avril x

Greta said...

Oh wow--your bouquets are absolutely stunning, Elizabeth! How wonderful to enjoy so many in your house before they're gone for the season1

Helen Philipps said...

Such beautiful flowers....your colourful bouquets are gorgeous and I can just imagine the scent!
Helen xox