Monday, 28 September 2015

In A Vase On Monday - The Last of the Crazy Daisies

Afternoon Everyone,

Although we are enjoying a warm spell, I have had very little time to spend in the garden. Now that my craft/sewing room has been made over I'm busy moving everything that came out of it a month ago back in again and it is proving to be very time consuming. Which means that I've had to slot gardening in whenever there's been five minutes to spare. For example, today I managed to nip out and collect some seeds from geranium (Johnson's Blue), calendula (Marigold Art Shades) and the Quaking Grass, briza maxima, staked up the pink asters that were flopping about all over the border and had a quick chat with the 'under gardener', aka my husband, who was planting out daffodil bulbs down in the woodland area.
The garden is looking it's most colourful, lots of bright oranges and yellows from the calendulas and nasturtiums punctuated here and there with deep pinks from the pinks and reds from the roses and snapdragons so, of course, I chose the last of the white flowers, leucanthemum Crazy Daisy, for my Monday vase.
Got to say, this has been one of the biggest successes in the garden this year. The flowers have just kept coming, surviving and recovering quickly from the most atrocious weather and cheering me up on the worst of days.
And the blooms are such fun ... everyone different and, well, just crazy!

Oh, almost forgot the vase. It's a cheep and cheerful car boot find from twenty or so years ago. Back then I was a poor mature student, living in a seventh floor flat with no garden so I bought the vase and filled it with flowers bought cheaply at the local market to cheer the place, and me, up. And because of that, it has great sentimental value.

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Happy Gardening,


  1. Now those are some crazy daisies...long gone here.

  2. I love your exuberant crazy daisies and your sweet vase! Good luck with the reconstruction of your craft room.

  3. Lovely shaggy daisies, Elizabeth - simple and effective. Good memories with the actual vase too. But collecting seed from your geraniums? I am trying to think if I have noticed seedheads on any of mine...

  4. Those really are crazy daisies, it's great that they have performed so well for you. I like the vase with the painted stems in relief, it would go with most flowers.

  5. So pretty and delicate gorgeous love and hugs Carole x

  6. Never heard of crazy daisies but I can see why that name, they do look goos in that lovely vase :o)
    Jackie xx

  7. :Love the shaggy look of those crasy daisies!

  8. Your Crazy Daisy is wonderful! :)

  9. I love your daisies, what's not to like about a plants that flowers for a long time but is fun so you don't get tied of it.


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