Sunday, 15 April 2012

Granny Squares - crocheting instead of cardmaking ...

Afternoon All,

No cardmaking or scrapping to show you today - I've been busy and there is a work in progress but it will be a wee while before it's finished so I thought I'd reveal something else I've been working on instead.

Over the last five or so weeks I've been following Jo of Jozart's crocheting progress - and prowess - check out here to admire her handiwork. Reading somewhere that if you crocheted just one square a day, then over a year there would be enough to join together to make an Afghan throw was what got Jo started on her project. However, by just crocheting whenever she got a moment, she has exceeded that prediction. Jo's squares have mounted up so fast that in super fast time she has made a beautiful Afghan throw - really impressive.

I used to knit and crochet a lot ... I was taught to knit at the age of four and my aunt taught me to crochet when I was nine. In fact, dotted around the house, under various plant pots, are crocheted doilies - with very intricate patterns - I made a long time ago.

However, I gave it all up when I developed arthritis and 'writer's cramp' - it would be more apt to call it 'knitter's cramp' I think :) But, after reading Jo's blog and seeing her work I thought I'd take up the crochet hook again ... the crochet hook in question is one I've had for possibly 25 years!

Because it is such a long time I needed a refresher course and I got that from YouTube ... there's a lot of demos there for the rusty :) I then went searching on the Internet for a pattern ... I'd given away every pattern I ever had. I found several good patterns but opted to use Wendy Poole's - click here for the link - because it is clearly illustrated and the instructions are easy to follow.

I bought a magazine that had a giveaway of six small balls of yarn with it, thinking that these would be more than enough to get me started. 

I crocheted my first square on Friday evening and have since made another five - six in three days, not bad and so far no problems with my hands :))

As you can see from the photograph, I've been out today and bought some more yarn, a couple of huge balls this time. Although the squares are multi-coloured, I've decided that I want the dominant colour to be white.

I'm not aiming to make as many as Jo in six weeks - 144 - I think that would be a tad ambitious for me. No, I have another great-grandchild due some time at the end of the year, date yet to be confirmed, so I'm hoping to produce enough for a baby blanket ... I'll report on my progress as the weeks go by.

Now, clearly Jo, as you are to blame for having me unearth my all but forgotten crochet hook and brush up on ancient skills after all those years, with no pomp and even less pageantry, I take great pleasure in awarding you the following:

I'm thoroughly enjoying rediscovering the pleasure of crochet and making good and productive use of time that would otherwise be idled away. 

Before I pop off to do a bit of hopping round blogdom, I'd like to welcome Cindy and Mel, my two new followers - I really appreciate your interest and hope you'll continue to enjoy reading this here blog :)

I hope you all enjoy what is left of the weekend,

Happy crafting, 


JoZart Designs said...

Oh! Elizabeth, Wo hoo! Thanks so much for my fun award and how lovely that I've inspired you to start an Afghan. Your squares are lovely. I find I can crochet with a 4mm hook but cannot go finer with my ancient joints. I can't hold a sewing needle any more. I'm on my 2nd blanket and this one will have, like your's, all the same colour on the last row of each square. I realise they then look better when joined.
I can tell you that it is wonderful to look at the end result and realise it was time used not wasted.
Love Jo x

May said...

WOW, Fantastic Elizabeth, your crochet skills look fab,I am just learning to crochet, I can knit, but boy I am having trouble holding that hook (lol) I'm sure it will come in time I hope .. thank you for the link I am going to try to follow that pattern, as I would love to make a blanket also.. Hugs May x x x

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh good for you Elizabeth, and it will make such a treasured gift too. I expect you'll abe to be relatively circumspect about how many youdo in a short time or your hands will complain and tou'd have to stop...little and often, huh.

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...loVely work Elizabeth, crochet is so theraputic, like you I learnt as a child but haven't indulged for many a year...Mel :)

Di said...

Brilliant Elizabeth! I swear we're on a very similar wavelength, I just took up my knitting needles yesterday evening for the first time in ages to make some Fish and Chip Babies clothes. Joints are moaning a bit but it's good to keep battling on! Never been able to crochet - and those squares are fab!

I might even be tempted to have a go sometime :)


Jackie said...

Lovely squares Elizabeth, they will make a wonderful throw. I tried crocheting but I am nearly as bad at it as knitting so I gave up :o)
Jackie xx

Jo said...

Wow,they look fantastic!You've made my mind up for me......i've been thinking about crocheting a blanket and have even got so far as getting all my wool and hooks definitely going to start one now...i'd forgotten how fab those squares look!
Hugs Jo x

Craftychris said...

Fabulous squares! I haven't done any crochet for a few years but I think I may have another go. You and Jo may have started a craze! xx

Jules said...

Hi Elizabeth

How lovely to bring back one of your crafty loves from the past.

I think you will soon have that baby blanket finished at this rate!

Love Jules xx

Marie-Louise said...

Gosh Elizabeth - these bring back memories. Haven't done this for years - think I may give it a try again.

Karen said...

Your crocheting skills look fab Elizabeth as those squares are great, and such pretty colours. Its good to hear that you are not getting any problems with your wrists too. Hugs, Karen xx

Jane said...

I've been thinking of doing this, just need to get the wool!