Monday, 9 May 2011

Nodding Honey-bells - Early Blooming Columbines

Afternoon all,

Not such a good day today - but then it is Monday! Although it started fine enough it  turned to rain this afternoon, but not before I took the chance to get out and photograph my early Columbines.

This, my favourite, is a stunning Alpine variety which has the prettiest white cup nestling amidst the vivid blue outer petals . I've long forgotten the name, this is true of all my Aquilegias because I've had them all so long the labels have long gone too (along with my memory!) This plant grows in a trough in a wee shady corner of the back garden and it never disappoints year on year.

Here's another wee beauty, another Alpine variety with rosy pink petals which contrasts nicely with the fluffy yellow stamens. It grows happily in a sink garden by the front door step - providing a lovely greeting to everyone who comes to our house at this time of the year.

Although the purple-blue flower is pretty, it's the foliage of this one that really catches the eye. It's a zingy lime colour growing from purple coloured stems - just gorgeous.

That's all the Columbines that are in flower in my garden now but there are late bloomers to come yet.  Apart from the Columbines there are other beauties brightening up our lives just now and here are just a few.

Red Cardinal in the wildflower border
The first strawberry blossoms - can't wait to taste my first strawberry!
The EM's pet Azalea

And, finally, white Bellis in a snail shell pot - positioned on the front doorstep as a greeting to all.

The rain hasn't let up yet but after the dry spell we've had it can only be considered liquid sunshine - the plants will be loving it : )

Earlier today I spent an enjoyable hour or so colouring in a House Mouse stamp with ProMarkers ready to use on the card I'm making for my granddaughter which I'm hopeful of completing this evening. However, I've a few jobs to be doing beforehand - when they're done I get to play : )

I hope you all had a great weekend and that your day is turning out well. Many thanks to all of you who take an interest in this blog and to those of you who have left your lovely comments on my posts - although it is by no means necessary - it is good of you to take the time. I appreciate each and every one.

Happy crafting


  1. Ah Elizabeth just adore those Aquilegias, we used to have them in Melbourne but you dont see them up here where I live now.. colder climes are best for them, thanks for reminding me of the amazing God given beauty! love Shaz IN oz.x

  2. Lovely photographs, I do so love columbines :o)
    Jackie xx

  3. absolutely stunning flowers elizabeth.i think the aquilegia is one that i have in my garden.mine is a maroon/burgandy colour and has started to grow in 2 other places too.will have to try and take a pic :D

    xx coops xx

  4. Thank you for sharing your lovely flowers, Elizabeth. Aquilegias are one of my favourite Spring flowers but mine are neary all blue and white. Your pink one is gorgeous.
    It turned wet here yesterday too but has been quite nice today although a bit cloudy.
    Hugs Lisax

  5. Your flowers are lovely! Such wonderful photos! Early flowers are the first to make you happy! You must have a lovely garden! Enjoy it!

  6. You garden is spectacular....and it is only May!!!! I can't wait to see pictures of it in the heart of summer. I am clamping at the bit to get to the garden centre again as I am spotting parts of the garden that need some tender love and care. Definitely going to be hunting down a Columbine or two as I haven't got any of those yet.

  7. What gorgeous flowers Elizabeth.

    Hopefully my garden will hold such beautiful treasures one day.

    We have been having quite a lot of rain this week .. .. my water butt is filling up nicely.

    Love Jules xx

  8. Hi Elizabeth , you have some beautiful flowers in your garden. Nice pictures. Love from Holland , Christa.


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