Thursday, 16 June 2011

Serendipity Papers - Follow Up to WOYWW 106

Evening Everyone

Serendipity Papers
One of the benefits of playing along with WOYWW each week is the wealth of tips, wrinkle and ideas that many of the WOYWWers freely impart each week. And yesterday was no exception. While hopping round the desks of my fellow WOYWWers I landed on Mary Ann's post in which she showed her serendipity circles and explained how they are made. I had never heard of them before but they are such a brilliant (and frugal) way of using up all those strips of paper left over from various scrapbooking and cardmaking projects. Up till now the only use I've found for the strips is  the occasional trim on a card, otherwise they just linger unloved in a box gathering dust.  So I set to and, after colour sorting, I got out the Pritt and spent a relaxing couple of hours sticking them onto some thin and not so good white card - a purchase bloomer until now! I got 5 A4 size sheets altogether - not bad for something that I might have ended up tossing in the wastebasket one day.  I just have to  punch the circles out and add little embellishments as Mary Anne has done and I will have some very pretty and money-saving toppers. So thanks for a great idea Mary Anne.

Now I'm off to investigate the work of Tim Coffey as mentioned in Beatrice's post - apparently he does something interesting with a cereal box and a hot glue gun :)

Happy Crafting,


  1. Serendipity papers sound interesting - I love the way we find new techniques and fun stuff via woyww. I have my eye on a good cereal box to have a go at the hot melt technique shown by Tim Coffey and restocked on glue sticks today - just need hubby to finish his porridge or perhaps I will make some flapjack or put the oats into another container - lol


  2. I hadn't heard of them either, so will be looking out for them, they looked very useful! As you say, the woywwers are a very creative bunch!

  3. I checked out that link and what a good idea!

  4. Hi Elizabeth
    This is a great idea, I've seen something similar done with scraps of ribbon which are then placed behind an aperture! Looks great!
    Thanks for your lovely comment today, I really appreciate your taking the time to pop by
    x Michelle

  5. Thanks for this Elizabeth! Great idea about the serendipity papers/, about the glue gun.....I'm off to have a further nosy! Di xx

  6. Hi Elizabeth

    This is one fantastic technique and it uses the old snippets up beautifully.

    I daren't enter into the WOYWW .. .. I would spend a whole day just nosing around other people's work spaces and get no work done LOL!!!

    Love Jules xx

  7. These are lovely papers you have made . Elizabeth. Shame my 'snippets' always seem to be funny shapes - not nice neat strips. Maybe I am too frugal.
    x Tricia

  8. Awesome idea there too Elizabeth saw it on Mary Ann's blog too and love frugal ideas love how you lined them up in shade well done! Shaz in Oz.x


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